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4 Hidden Treasures of The Andamans

The Andamans are a chain of precious pearl-like islands on the Indian Ocean. With waters as blue as clear skies, it lures thousands of travelers and tourists to its shore every year. Whenever you set sail for these beautiful islands, venture out and discover these hidden treasures on the Andamans.

Start your journey from the rough terrains of Mount Harriet. You can slowly trek your way into the forest for another 15 km stretch to reach Madhuban. When you see exotic birds and butterflies flying around, you’ll know you’ve arrived.

Head north of the Andaman Islands to find the river Kalpong. It originates from the saddle peak and flows northward till Diglipur. The majestic river Kalpong has been commissioned for the first hydro-electric project in North Andaman.

White Surf Waterfall
Take a boat ride from Port Blair towards Hutbay Island to reach the magical White Surf Waterfall. The island is also habituated by the aboriginal tribe, Onge. These creeks were initially infested with snakes and crocodiles but in recent times, crocodiles seem to have disappeared completely from the Andamans.

Kala Pathar
Kala Pathar is a small yet serene beach on the Andaman Islands. It is right next to a village by the same name. Most travelers come till Radhanagar beach and leave, without touching the shores of Kala Pathar. It’s the perfect spot to read your favorite author or just watch the sun go down.

Visit Barefoot at Havelock the next time you come to the Andamans and we’ll guide you through these and other exciting adventures you can find on the islands.

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