4 Eco-Friendly Ways to Travel

Everything from the food we eat to the roof on top of our heads comes from nature. So, it’s safe to say that preserving it is in our best interest. Traveling is a lot of fun but you must take care of your carbon footprint and not make a mess of things wherever you go. After all, nature is most precious when it is conserved in its truest form.

Walk the walk

Getting by the road can be tough on foot but do it as much as you can. Renting a bike or a car when you travel will release more carbon-dioxide into the air. Public transport is also a good idea and a great way to interact with the locals.

Put the plastic away

From bottled water to mobile cases, everything under the Sun is now available, wrapped in plastic. Resist the urge to pick up plastic even though it’s conveniently placed at local stores around you. Think of the impact you’re making on the soil because plastic takes at least 500 years to become biodegradable. Government policies have also been implemented to ban plastic bags in an attempt to conserve nature.

Less is more

Take what you need and be on your way. Pack your bag with stuff that is essential to your survival and not an item more. There’s a good chance you’ll find everything else on the way. Light luggage ensures that you won’t leave a trail of junk on your travels. Not having to shell out big bucks at the airport is your bonus for good behavior.

Stay at eco-friendly resorts

Many resorts like The Serai and Barefoot at Havelock have been designed after carefully studying the environment in and around the property. Staying at such eco-friendly destinations gives you the feeling of being close to nature throughout your journey. You’ll probably end up meeting like-minded people to share your story with as well.

It’s easier said than done but with practice and a little compassion, you can travel the world knowing that you did your part. And sometimes, that’s enough.

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