Take Only Pictures, Leave Only Footprints

More ways to be an eco-friendly traveller.

The places we often choose to visit make lasting impressions on us. We endeavour to create happy memories with our loved ones while on vacation and we do all that we can to choose the best holiday locations. These destinations give us endless joy and we usually wish that our experiences could last forever. So imagine if one day you come back to find your favourite holiday spot no longer exists? That’s a truly heartbreaking thought.

In an effort to give back to the destinations that give you so much joy, we have listed ways in which you can minimize the footprint you leave behind, so that future generations have the opportunity to create such memories of their own.


How you can help:

Travel with your toiletries. Even if a soap is used only once at a hotel, it will have to be discarded for the next guest. Carrying your own soap can make a huge difference.

When trekking or visiting uninhabited areas, bring your trash back with you for proper disposal.

Insist that your tour and resort operators follow sensitive practices, and do not support those that don’t.

Fresh water is a limited resource. Conserve water as much as possible by refilling your bottles. Reducing laundry is another great way to conserve water. Little things like carrying your own towel have a larger effect than we realize.

Try to make sure you don’t consume goods or participate in activities that are harmful to the environment.

Please do not dispose of non-biodegradable trash in the ocean, rather bring it back to land for proper disposal. Plastics cause severe damage and death to all forms of marine life, with repercussions beyond what is obvious to us.

While exploring the underwater world please refrain from touching, teasing or catching marine life. This is harmful to them and potentially dangerous to you.

Do Not collect shells or feed fish.

In short, to be a good guest, one must leave their destination exactly as they found it. We can enjoy ourselves on vacation while also doing our part not to upset the natural balance of the ecosystem and work together to preserve our favourite destinations.

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