What would your dream vacation look like?

When travelling, we need to keep several factors in mind to ensure we have a truly wonderful vacation. Right from the basics like safety and accessibility to fun-filled recreational activities, we have listed what you need to look for when booking your holiday.


The internet is a great source of information! Be sure to do your research and read up on the safety measures and security offered at the resort of your choosing. Customers are quick to warn their fellow travellers of an unsafe environment or experience they have encountered. If your desired resort or hotel has rave reviews, then dive in and enjoy, stress-free!


Family Friendly

Hotels and Resorts will list the amenities and activities offered to their guests. If you’re travelling with your family, go through the list carefully. Look for games the entire family can enjoy, group experiences offered, and make sure there are child friendly activities available for enjoyment. This way you won’t have to worry if kids will get restless or the elderly will feel left out of the family fun. Great resorts usually carry kids’ activities like cycling, zorbing, water slides, etc. For the elderly, check out nature walks and more relaxing activities. These are all great activities which can be enjoyed on family outings together and are really a great way to bond.



What’s a hotel without a pool? Honestly, the best memories are made splashing around with loved ones or just relaxing by the water with a cool drink in hand. Some hotels close their pools for the rainy season so make sure to do your research at the time of booking.


A View

Aside from stunning locations, make sure you have the option to choose a room with a beautiful view. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference it makes! Resorts spend a lot of time and effort in making their properties look their best, with a lot of attention given to nature and special landscaping, and also architecturally designing their buildings to face rivers and mountain valleys. Request a room with a view for the perfect way to unwind at the end of an adventurous day.


Access to Hiking/ Outdoor Activities

We love to experience all that a destination has to offer and usually can’t wait to get out there and explore the local flora and fauna. Hiking trails and nature walks are an absolute must as they offer a safe, tried and tested way to explore nature. Sign up for outdoor activities in advance like speed boating, plantation walks or scuba diving to truly have an authentic local experience.


Historical Significance

Each destination is steeped in culture and has fascinating local lore of its own. From visiting ancient temples to historical buildings, there is a lot to learn from each location. Ask your hotel or resort to set you up with a guided tour if it’s not already included in your holiday package.



India is a land of many cultures and we pride ourselves in the country’s “unity in diversity”. Each place has a special cuisine which is vastly different from the next. It’s incredible how,  just by travelling short distances within the country, we can discover a new dish which we have never tasted before! So be sure to give your taste buds a treat by sampling the best each destination has to offer.


Package Deals

For every type of traveller, there is usually a special package curated just for you. Booking a package deal can be a super way to save money when going on vacation as they usually include transfers, breakfast and even sightseeing! Usually hotels offer a variety of packages with a different theme in mind, be it adventure, romance or family fun. Choose the package which bests suits you after reading through the detailed list of activities mentioned.


A Spa

A good spa is an absolute MUST when you go on vacation. After long, activity filled days of hiking, trekking and doing watersports or mountain sports, ease those aching muscles with a relaxing massage. But most importantly, even if you don’t choose to be too physically active while on vacation, a spa is the perfect haven to help melt away the stress of work and city life. When else will you get a chance to make a trip all about you? Remember that your health and well being are extremely important and make sure to get as much as you can out of the hotel or resort spa. If you’ve booked a package deal, chances are you’ll get a discount and some amazing deals and vouchers to use for maximum relaxation.

So there you have it! Once you have crossed these points off your checklist, your chances of having that dream vacation are closer than ever. We recommend that you write reviews after your vacation so that you can pass on the bliss to fellow travellers!

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