Barefoot understands that the Andaman’s is a fragile bio-diversity hotspot and that the recent tourism boom has left it exposed to potential destruction. Barefoot believes that immediate initiatives in the form of responsible tourism and ecologically friendly measures must be taken to preserve its environs. As part of this commitment, The Barefoot Group adopts environmentally sustainable camping or fishing practices whenever undertaking such trips, ensures minimal impact on rainforest, reefs and mangrove eco-systems, and strictly follows a policy of neither establishing contact with indigenous tribes nor entering any tribal reserves.



The Barefoot Group has also established and runs an Environmental Education Center on Havelock Island. This center aims at educating the Havelock Islanders on the ecology and importance of the marine environment and will seek their cooperation in upholding all environmental laws applicable to the area.




Thousands of tourists visit these beautiful islands every year and each one of them consumes averagely 2 to 3 liters of packaged mineral water each day. With no recycling or plastic shredding unit in the Andamans currently, the heaps of countless plastic bottles have had an adverse noticeable effect on Havelock. In an effort to reduce their number, The Barefoot Group set up a reverse osmosis plant at the resort.

Every day, the resort provides each guest with a fresh bottle of packaged mineral water and informs them that they can use the very same plastic bottle to take innumerable free re-fills of the R.O water. Pure and 100% safe for drinking, guests get to re-use their bottles rather than purchase more water and add to the plastic waste.

“Small drops make an ocean” and each of our guests does their part during their stay with us appreciating our small effort to reduce plastic waste on the islands.





Guests at the resort can enroll for the Beach Clean-up Program, an event that takes place every morning at Radhanager Beach. In conjunction with our staff, resort guests partake in our initiative and help keep the beach absolutely litter free. The garbage collected by each guest is then weighed and a beach clean-up participation certificate mentioning the weight of litter collected as well as a free Andaman Islands T shirt is handed to each guest. These small initiatives have had a huge impact on the fragile environs of Beach No.7.






Barefoot engages local employment wherever possible and contribute to the micro-economy of Havelock. Nearly 75% of our staff are residents of Havelock and almost all are residents of the Andaman Islands. So although some of our staff may not be able to converse with you in exemplary English and the standard of service they are able to provide may be slightly less than what you would probably receive from a person of the same job profile back in the city, keep in mind that these are local islanders working hard to earn a living and that they absolutely love assisting you.