Swathed in over 86% primary rainforest and abound in rare as well as endemic species of flora and fauna, the Andamans is home to a plethora of bird, bugs and butterfly species. Four out of five species of sea turtles, including the giant leatherback are found in these magical islands and Wild 'salties' (saltwater crocodiles) inhabit vast mangrove eco-systems keeping nature in balance.

A bird watcher’s paradise, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are home to over 240 species of birds, of which 18 are endemic. Even the untrained eye without the assistance of binoculars can spot as well as hear more than a handful of these beautiful feathered creatures just from the portico of their cottage or the restaurant area of the Barefoot at Havelock resort.

Of the 18 endemic species, the Narcondam Hornbill ( Aceros narcondami) confined to the small, isolated island of Narcondam (6.82 km2) is the most well known and sought after by avid birders. However given the inaccessibility of Narcondam Island, very few of the birding enthusiasts have been able to make the trip.

The canopied forests themselves have an amazing variety of timbers, foliage and blooms. The andaman paduk, the yellow hibiscus, the white lily, the pandanus as well as many varieties of orchids are but a few of the over 700 species of plants to be found.The lush rainforest provides the perfect environment and every year many ornithologists, birding enthusiasts, photographers, naturalists and nature lovers visit these precious islands.

At the Barefoot at Havelock resort, nature is at its very best. As you make your way from the Havelock pier to the resort past the vast paddy fields and banana plantations, suddenly the aquamarine blue sea suddenly bursts forth in front of you and you wind your way thorough scores of 100 feet high naturally buttressed 'Mahua' trees seemingly straight out of a Tolkien novel. The forest gives way to a small clearing and the inviting conical thatched roofs of 'Barefoot at Havelock' resort. Set in 7 acres of fertilizer and pesticide free grounds, the entire resort is constructed using indigenous materials that are environmentally sensitive to their natural surroundings.

The resort is home to numerous bird and butterfly species. You can be sure that you will see dozens of brilliantly coloured butterfly species fluttering around the effervescent flowers in the resort and catch a glimpse or at least hear the Andaman Scop’s Owl, the Andaman Hawk Owl, the Raquet-tail Drongoe, the Fulvous-breasted Woodpecker, the White-bellied Sea Eagle, the Blue-Eared Kingfisher and many more of these the gorgeous birds that this island has to offer.