Barefoot at Havelock resort is reopening with enhanced hygiene and safety protocols on 01 November 2020. Avail the 25% cash top-up offer for your future holiday.
  • Voucher valid for 10 years
  • Current prices locked for the first 3 years
  • Redeem against room, food, scuba diving, snorkelling, etc.
  • Offer ends on 18 October 2020

Your funds are safe

Your funds are safe with us. Barefoot has zero loans and zero liabilities, and a healthy business model which will enable us to operate comfortably post-pandemic. Our company, being the pioneer and first-mover in tourism in the Andaman Islands, has acquired a large land bank, and our freehold land value, as per Government Valuation, covers more than 20 years of turnover. Barefoot is here to stay and your money is safe with us.

This what your advances have enabled us to do:

Staff & Community
  • Barefoot paid for and organized repatriation, by flight, of non-islander staff who wished to return to their hometowns prior to the lockdown. We treat our migrant workers with respect and dignity
  • Barefoot paid for and organized transport, by boats and vehicles, of Andaman-resident staff whose families live on different islands and who wished to return to their home-islands
  • Barefoot provided food, accommodation and shelter to all those staff who wished to remain at Havelock through the pandemic
  • All Senior Management at Barefoot have volunteered for loss of pay/no-pay to enable us to continue paying the lower earners, those with low savings and those whose families depend upon their earnings
  • Barefoot paid and is continuing to pay wages as per the needs of all our employees
  • Barefoot is providing free accommodation and food at Havelock to ex-employees/alumni of Barefoot who lost their jobs when their new employers retrenched them after the lockdown
  • Barefoot provided rations to families at Havelock when availability of produce in the market was restricted during the lockdown
  • Barefoot provided free drinking water from our RO plant / RWH systems to all needy families in our village, when there was a water shortage owing to failure of the Northeast monsoon
  • Barefoot donated rations to feed migrant construction workers who had been stranded at Havelock by their contractors

We at Barefoot consider ourselves to all be part of a large family and our staff are our biggest strength: those who have visited us in the past will know and appreciate that much of Barefoot’s character derives from our staff members

Activities at the resort
  • We have kept ourselves busy during the lockdown to improve our guests experience
  • We have introduced and trialed innovative methods to enable implementation of physical distancing guidelines and ensuring implementation of advanced hygiene and sanitization standards
  • We have gone above and beyond Government mandated guidelines, thinking through every step of your interactions not just within the resort but also at all steps between Port Blair airport and Havelock and on the way back and have incorporated relevant SOPs to make you safer
  • Organic farming activities have increased manifold and we are farming much of our own vegetable requirement now: so a much larger proportion of our menu can be sourced from our own farms, making our island resort that much more sustainable
  • We are improving our rainwater harvesting measures
  • We are improving our waste disposal measures and stepping up measures to collect solid waste / plastics washed ashore by the sea
  • Innovations are being continually contributed by staff to enable us to return post-lockdown, better than ever
With the above measures, we remain in good spirits and excellent shape to welcome you back to the island whenever you are ready and feel safe enough to travel again.
If it’s the Andamans, it’s got to be Barefoot.


Barefoot at Havelock Luxury resort in Andamans6

Amount of Advance Paid by you = Rs.20,000;
Receive a voucher with cash value Rs.25,000

Fan cooled Nicobari Villa dkor5l

Amount of Advance Paid by you = Rs.40,000;
Receive a voucher with cash value Rs.50,000

Villas at Barefoot at Havelock Andaman resort qlgftb

Amount of Advance Paid by you = Rs.80,000;
Receive a voucher with cash value Rs.1,00,000

Villas at Barefoot at Havelock Andaman resort 1 d3oees

Amount of Advance Paid by you = Rs.1,00,000;
Receive a voucher with cash value Rs.1,25,000


  • This offer is applicable for advance purchase of your future holiday with Barefoot at Havelock Resort
  • The advance and 25% top-up is applicable only for Barefoot–owned services. This includes not only rooms at the resort but also expenditure on food and beverages and activities such as scuba diving, kayaking, treks, etc.
  • This offer cannot be clubbed with any other offer
  • No Blackout dates applicable on this offer: it can be redeemed at any time for any dates during which the resort is open and rooms remain available at the time of redemption
  • The voucher is redeemable in part or whole
  • The purchased voucher can be gifted, assigned or even resold, without any restrictions. However, our reservations staff will need to be informed in case you have transferred your voucher and your emailed acknowledgment is necessary to transfer ownership of your voucher code
  • The Voucher is cancellable and refundable, although in such an event, the cash top-up will be forfeited upon refund
  • This voucher code is valid for 10 years from launch (until 31 May 2030)
  • Benefit from a 3-year room price freeze during redemption: Room Tariff of 2020 will be applied for redemption bookings made within 3 years from date of the voucher purchase. For redemptions made more than 3 years after date of voucher purchase, redemption on room cost will be based on the rate prevailing at the time of redemption
  • 2020-21 Room Tariff Structure (frozen for you for 3 years):
  • Regular Season Tariff - Tented Cottage: Rs.11500+GST, Nicobari Cottage: Rs.15,500+GST, Andaman Villa Rs.18,000+GST, Duplex Rs.21,000+GST
  • High Peak Season Tariff from 15th Dec to 15th Jan: Tented Cottage: Rs.16000+GST, Nicobari Cottage: Rs.21,500+GST, Andaman Villa Rs.24,000+GST, Duplex Rs.26,000+GST
  • Once redeemed against stay for specific dates, bookings once confirmed and later cancelled by the guest will be subject to applicable policies prevailing at the time