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Meet Rajan – Beach No. 7’s Most Loved Resident

The Andamans draw thousands of people to its pristine shores year after year. Among the many treasures you uncover on the islands, blue waves and sun-kissed beaches are just the tip of the iceberg. Just take a walk towards the beautiful Beach No. 7 and you’ll find the fantastic elephant, Rajan, waiting to welcome you. But how did an elephant make its way to the Andamans?

Once upon a time, an elephant named Rajan lived in the thick jungles of Karnataka, where he was surrounded by tall trees, wild animals and birds. Rajan loved the jungle and everything that came with it. One fine day, Rajan was relocated from the jungle and sent to a land that was surrounded by water. He adapted to his new surroundings and discovered the joy of swimming by taking regular dips in the ocean. Since then, he has been basking on the white sandy beaches of the magnificent Andaman Islands.

On the island, Barefoot at Havelock took him in with open arms. As the only rainforest seaside resort in Asia, Barefoot has left no stone unturned to make the environment a wonderful home for the majestic animal. Rajan loves to meet his admirers and greets them with a thunderous trumpet. Guests can even opt to bathe their four-legged friend at the holiday resort on request.

Rajan is an exceptionally skilled swimmer and has been seen going against the tide on a few occasions. The diving elephant is one among the last few left of its kind on our planet. He has been featured in commercials all over the world and has even appeared in Hollywood movies. And that’s exactly why Rajan is the most loved resident of Beach No. 7.

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