Experiences at Barefoot at Havelock

The Andaman Islands attract people from all over the world for scuba diving, the ivory beaches, and the exotic jungles that are home to a diversity of flora and fauna. Sign up for unique activities in Havelock during your visit to our beach resort.

Tree Walk experience at Barefoot at Havelock

Take a leisurely walk around our rainforest resort to find a beautiful world filled with exotic trees, birds, and animals.

Farm to table experience Barefoot at havelock resort

Kindle your interest in botany by taking a tour of the kitchen garden and livestock farm at Barefoot at Havelock.

Bird Trails Experience Barefoot at Havelock

Enjoy a leisurely walk through the majestic Mahua jungle and the surrounding area. Hear crashing waves from afar and look for exotic birds at the same time.

Kalapathar beach trek kyhkrl

Experience a guided walk to a secluded beach near Kalapathar for a swim or merely a rest.

Elephant beach trek Barefoot at Havelock

Elephant Beach on Havelock (Swaraj Dweep) island is a well-known spot for water sports.

Wildlife Adventure-09 gbu1ds

Plunge into an exhilarating, out-of-this-world experience that you can never forget.

Barefoot - Snorkeling yrbsh4 1

Be amazed by the marine life of the Andamans.

Kayaking e7wslq

Glide through the Andaman waters with a paddle in your hands.

Game fishing caqb1c

For the fun of fishing.

Stand up paddling epenww

Ride the waves on a paddleboard in the typically calm Andaman Sea.

Body boarding j35280

Catch a wave or just float about at Radhanagar Beach.

Barefoot Yoga o7bm2w

Cultivate your inner strength with yoga.

27 Experiences Romantic Dinner outside AC Andaman Villa iqvdz7

For celebrations that deserve attention.

Trail biking sj6k4i

Ride along the lush woods of Havelock island.