Best Time To Visit Andaman

What you seek out of your vacation to the Andamans, is what determines the best time to visit the island. The turquoise waters, lush greenery of the rainforests and coral reefs all make this island a haven for travellers who wish to unwind after a busy and chaotic life. If you wish to experience it in all its glory, read on to choose the best time to visit for you.

A mountain by the sea shore with trees on top of it | Barefoot at Havelock
A coastal stretch enveloped by towering mountains.

Pleasant Weather and a Plethora of Adventures 

October to April is considered to be the peak season in the Andaman. Clear skies, balmy breeze and calm ocean water will make this the perfect time for you to visit if you wish to check out the gorgeous coral reefs. During this season you may also embark on some other water activities like snorkelling, jet-skiing, kayaking and parasailing. If you wish to stray away from the beaches check out the jungle treks on the island and get ready to witness the grand beauty of the Andaman Island. However, these months are also considered to be peak time and the prices might be higher around this time. 

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Beauty of Monsoon

While Andaman is well-known for its coral reefs and diving spots, there is a wild beauty that engulfs this island, with its dense forests, untouched beaches, and diverse marine life. The Andaman best season is June to September if you wish to relax and do not mind missing out on the coral reefs. This is undoubtedly known as the best time for a relaxing by the beaches.

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