Swaraj Dweep: An Exploration Guide

A proud part of Ritchie’s Archipelago, Swaraj Dweep is a paradisiacal destination for thalassophiles. An exquisite island embellished with sparkling beaches, pearly-white sands and tall palm trees, Swaraj Dweep island is an ethereal piece of heaven on earth. Its forested interior is not only home to virgin coastlines, but also a safe habitat for an impressive line of birdlife.

Swaraj Dweep Island
A view of a beach from seashore alongside a mountain | Barefoot at Havelock

Travellers who adore beaches are naturally drawn to the beauty of Swaraj Dweep. Home to the renowned Radhanagar Beach, the island offers several other attractions that enhance the adventure of exploring. Thus, to make your touring experience an unforgettable venture, we have curated the ultimate list of things to do in Swaraj Dweep!

Saunter Along Enamouring Beaches


The first thing on the list is what gives this popular holiday destination the name “island” - beaches. Swaraj Dweep - formerly known as Havelock Island, is home to some of the most renowned beaches in India - Radhanagar, Kalapatthar, Vijaynagar and Elephant. What makes these beaches so enticing is their white sand carpet complemented by turquoise tides. A walk by the beach or lying under an umbrella while gazing at the marvellous sunrises and sunsets is an experience in itself. The picturesque viewpoints proffer great opportunities to take pictures and capture memories.

walking by the beach of Swaraj Dweep Island
snorkeler with fish

Try Your Hand at Water Sports

Due to its abundance of beaches, Swaraj Dweep is home to a myriad of water sports and other aquatic activities. Most beaches here offer several adventure water sports that cater to beginners as well as professionals. There are guides and trainers who take care of your safety and aid in a fun experience. Some of the most popular water-based activities on offer include snorkelling, parasailing, game fishing, kayaking, scuba diving, sea walking and boat rides. These activities are the perfect way to experience underwater life and get close to some colourful and fascinating aquatic creatures!

Feast on Tempting Seafood Dishes

The availability of seafood on Swaraj Dweep never ends! Every day, the numerous seaside shacks and restaurants prepare mind-blowing dishes using only the freshest catch. Some of the must-visit seafood restaurants here are Golden Spoon, Bo No Va, Red Snapper and Anju Coco. The Swimming Elephant, an elegant dining option presented by the luxurious resort Barefoot at Havelock, is a posh restaurant that serves delectable platters of seafood and other mouth-watering options. So come fall in love with the flavour of the sea!

Lobster preparations at our Swaraj Dweep Island restaurant
Apparel at Market 3 in Swaraj Dweep Island

Shop For Beachy Souvenirs


Do not forget to take a piece of this enthralling destination back home with you. The island is dotted with a multitude of shops where you are bound to find something attractive - whether it is to satiate your own shopping desires or to gift to loved ones. One of the most popular shopping destinations is Market Number 3, where you can find a range of apparel, beachwear and accessories. It is also a great place to get your hands on souvenirs. Apart from Market Number 3, there are several other beach markets in Radhanagar that entice large crowds. Seven Heaven is another chic boutique store that is quite famous for its kaftans, beachwear, floral dresses and tribal-inspired accessories.
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