Thrilling Experiences in Havelock

The heavenly island of Havelock in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands is every traveller's delight. The island is a paradise of ivory beaches, crystal blue waters, lagoons, rich corals, and enchanting forests. Known for the myriad of adventure activities and happy holiday vibes, this tiny island is one of the top tourist draws in the country.

Radhanagar Beach is the most popular beach on the island. Whether you're in search of peace and solitude, looking for a honeymoon destination, or a holiday filled with adventure activities in Havelock, the island has it all. Enjoy kayaking, snorkelling and scuba diving amid stunning coral and marine life during your vacation here!

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Adventure activities in Havelock

Are you an adrenaline junkie looking for some thrill and fun at sea? Havelock is a paradise for adventure-seekers, which offers you a host of fun and adventure activities to get that adrenaline pumping!

Scuba diving in Havelock

Scuba diving is one of the activities that Havelock is famous for. Programs for scuba diving in Havelock ranges from beginner to expert levels. The PADI Discover Scuba Diving is open for non-swimmers as well, wherein our experienced instructors train you in shallow water first. When you are comfortable with the scuba gear and breathing underwater, they take you on a tour of the reef. The vivid colours of the underwater life further accentuate the experience. This is something you do not want to miss!

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Snorkelling in Havelock


Sweetlips, snappers, angelfish, butterflyfish, sea stars, clownfish, and beautiful coral colonies–discover the mesmerizing underwater world with the enjoyable experience of snorkelling in Havelock. From non-swimmers and children as young as 6 years of age to experts, this is an activity that everyone will cherish during their stay in Havelock.

Kayaking in Havelock


Kayaking is yet another enthralling activity that you can enjoy during your stay in Havelock. The island is known for its pristine creeks winding through lush mangrove forests. Kayak at your own pace through the mesmerizing scenery, explore and admire the rich flora and fauna that you can see and hear all around. This activity requires no prior experience.

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Places to visit in Havelock

Radhanagar Barefoot

Radhanagar Beach

If you are looking for a quiet and blissful time at the beach, then Radhanagar Beach is the right place for you. Voted as the best beach in India as well as in Asia on multiple platforms, Radhanagar Beach is famous for its powder white sand and crystal clear waters.

Elephant Beach

Elephant Beach

Elephant Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Havelock, known for is exotic corals and marine life. It is also famous for its water sports and activities, where you can take part in snorkelling and glass-bottom boat rides.

Kalapathar Beach

Kalapathar Beach

Another famous beach in Havelock, Kalapathar is known for the black rocks along its coastline and a thick forest on the other side. Popular as a picnic and hangout spot, this beach is particularly visited early in the mornings for the breath-taking views of the sunrise.

The best time to visit Havelock

The best time to visit Havelock is between October to April, when the weather is bright & sunny, the beaches are favourable for swimming and for other adventure activities in Havelock. The monsoons hit from July to September, when the island sees heavy downpours which make its greenery come alive.

How to get there

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Havelock is located 57 km from Port Blair, the capital of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Ferries, which operate from early in the mornings to late afternoons, are the only viable way to reach the island. To make the most of your trip, explore things to do in Swaraj Dweep.