Celebrating Love in the Andamans

There are very few places in India that captivate you the way Andaman does. Replete with picturesque islands, tropical forests, and serene beaches, the Andamans has plenty of places and activities to explore.

Havelock is among the largest islands in this archipelago and it is popular for its white sand beaches that make for a spectacular view. This is a popular spot among couples for many reasons. Havelock is filled with gorgeous white sand beaches with bright turquoise water that are celebrated for its tranquility. There are plenty of isolated areas that can be explored by embarking on an adventurous trek as well.

Resorts that have access to pristine beaches is popular amongst couples. Barefoot at Havelock is one among many that offers easy access to Radhanagar Beach as well as marvellous views of it from the resort’s luxurious rooms. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, this is the perfect time for you and your special someone to visit Havelock and experience the beauty of this enchanting island. We have hand-picked a set of activities that you can experience on your romantic getaway to Andaman!

Sun setting in the distance and the sky showing hues of blue and orange with waves crashing into the sand
Picture taken in a manner such that the lower half of the image shows objects under water and the upper half features an island in the distance

Candlelight Dinner by the Beach

A great way to spend this Valentine’s Day would be to indulge in an exquisite meal. Sip on some wine and devour ambrosial seafood dishes with your loved one. The salt-laced air, starry skies and gentle coastal breezes will surely enhance the ambience, making it the perfect setting for a romantic dinner. Barefoot at Havelock offers three different types of dining options that can make your special night better. Take your partner to the beach and dine under the night sky, credit to the resort’s outdoor dining facilities. To toast the celebration of love, head out to Dugong Dugon for a glass of redolent wine.

Wine glasses inverted on a table with an orange sky in the background
sun setting in the distance and the skies showing shades of blue and orange while the waves crash into the sand

Sunset at the Beach

Radhanagar Beach in Havelock is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. On this Valentine’s weekend getaway, take a nice long stroll on the white sandy beaches of Havelock in the evening and watch the sunset paint the skies with hues of orange, blue and pink. This is a splendid way to not only spend quality time with your partner but also experience the beauty that the Andamans is known for.

Snorkelling / Scuba Diving

If you are a couple that wants to embark on a magical adventure, then snorkelling and scuba diving are perfect for you. There is an innate beauty in observing these gentle creatures that live underwater. Vibrant reefs and a myriad of fishes differing in shape, size, and colour are breathtaking to look at. It is an adventurous way of spending time and exploring the remarkable beauty of underwater with your partner.

scuba diving
people kayaking on water


Havelock is known for its water sports activities, and kayaking is one that is most sought-after. If you and your better half want to experiment with the thrilling sport, Barefoot at Havelock gives you the perfect opportunity! The resort assigns an instructor who takes you through the blue waters. Apart from kayaking, the resort also proffers a wide range of other activities that can be indulged in with your partner.

Beach Trek

Trekking as an activity has gained popularity over the years and it can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Havelock comprises tropical forests and beaches making it an ideal terrain for trekking. This Valentine’s Day, enjoy popular treks like Elephant Beach trek, Kalapathar trek and Forest trek around Radhanagar with your partner and treat yourself to spectacular views from various vantage points along the trail!

view of the see in the distance with plants in the foreground

After a long day of exploring Havelock, unwinding in spacious and luxurious rooms is the perfect way to end it. Barefoot at Havelock is one of the most romantic places to stay for Valentine’s Day. We offer opulent rooms that are rustic, yet loaded with top-notch amenities that suit the modern traveller. Our wonderful property also offers a package perfect for this Valentine’s Day. It bestows guests with discounts on scuba diving lessons and spa services, a candlelight dinner with wine, and much more! Visit Barefoot at Havelock and make memories that will stand the test of time. To know more about how you can take your celebration to a new level, read here.