The Best Time for Scuba Diving in Andaman

Characterised by crystal-clear cerulean sky and waters, ethereal horizons and pearl-white sands, Andaman is a piece of paradise on Earth. Tourists come here regularly to witness the natural beauty of the island and experience the thrilling adventures that await them.

Andaman is synonymous with a myriad of water sports activities. From diving and jet-skiing to snorkelling and parasailing, the many beaches here let adventure-seekers quench their thirst. The island is glorified for its scuba diving opportunities and it is one of the most celebrated attractions that allure people from everywhere. As you approach the dive depths, the marine life will surely dazzle you! Witness the virgin corals, vibrant fishes and pearly white seabed as you swim beside the aqua life.

person scuba diving
person diving

Best Time to Dive in Andaman

Many believe that rain can hamper diving, but the wind has more to do with it than rain. Prolonged periods of rain can create an issue with visibility, but that is rarely the case in Andaman.

The waters are the calmest between the months of November and May, making it the best season for scuba diving in Andaman. It is when visibility is unaffected and there is no rain. It is also the perfect time for beginners to learn the fun activity. The graph shows a slight dip during the monsoon months from June to September, which divers avoid.

a person scuba diving underwater
a person scuba diving underwater 1

Although the best time to visit Andaman for scuba diving is during the calmer months, the island is quite welcoming throughout the year. Before you jump in the waters, make sure to gear yourself properly with the necessary equipment. Wearing leggings under your swimwear can be an excellent choice as it gives you the flexibility to move around, and helps protect your skin from the harmful UV rays.

Best Places for Scuba Diving

When it comes to scuba diving, there are certain factors like clarity and water depth that make islands ideal for diving. The most popular location is Havelock Island. The low currents experienced at Havelock Island make the waters calm enough to scuba dive.

the underwater marine life with fishes swimming
person scuba diving 2

Barefoot at Havelock is one of the most popular stay options that provide PADI Open Water Diver courses and classes for guests. Our resort has a team of professionals who let you take part in the riveting activity. Everyone above the age of 12 can try their hands and explore the dazzling marine life. The duration ranges from 3 to 4 hours.

When you are not participating in the thrilling water sports activity, you can rest your muscles in the many well-appointed cottages. Explore the water sports on Havelock Island here.