Exploring the Sunrise and Sunset at Havelock Island

Havelock Island is one of the best destinations to explore on a rental bike because of its winding, narrow roads that are either surrounded by exotic, dense jungles with distinctive trees or by long, green stretches of rice terraces and farms. The lack of urban development on Havelock Island is among its most remarkable features. The island's extremely low population density ensures that you can experience nature as closely as possible without having to travel to yet another urban city, which you are presumably trying to escape. Additionally, the sunrise in Havelock Island will take your breath away. Several sunset points in Havelock are equally as stunning.

Sunrise in Havelock

Kalapathar Beach, which is far from the crowded Andaman Islands, is a lengthy beach that appears the same during other times of the day but takes on a golden hue in the early morning. The sands then appear to be made of gold. The stunning view of the sunrise at Havelock Island will make you speechless. According to locals, sunrise viewing at this location is best at 4:30 am. Therefore, you must arrive 15 to 20 minutes before sunrise.

sunrise at a beach
a boat on a water body with a sunrise over a hill in the backdrop

Other Places to Explore the Sunrise in Andaman

There are several other beaches like Kalapathar. Beach sunrises here will make your stay at Andaman special and memorable. This beach is perfect for visitors visiting Havelock Island (Swaraj Island) who want to spend their time alone. It enables you to enjoy some sunbathing, rest, and renewal away from the crowded metropolis' frenetic pace. In addition to these, if you wake up early, you will see a stunning sunrise. Come here at 5 a.m. to take in this spectacular vista, as the sun spreads its golden light and makes an appearance in the eastern sky corner at 5.07 a.m. The sunrise in Kalapathar Beach is different from the sunrise on the other beaches in Andaman, allowing you to see the ideal nature portraiture or, if you're a photographer, get it captured on camera.

Sunset in Havelock

That scene is simply wonderful when the sun sets behind the white beach sand and casts a golden glow over the azure water. Radhanagar Beach, known as the most picturesque beach in independent music, is a treasure for sunsets. Encircled by Rainforest, turquoise water, white sand, and lush, green woodlands. Going barefoot is the key to taking in the beach sunset. You can take in the stunning sunset by walking in the slow, gentle waves and feeling the cold air. If it's a sunset point in Havelock that you're looking for, there are several secret points here that will make you linger even after the sun has set in.

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sunset at Havelock