Tourist Places in Havelock Island

Havelock Island, also known as Swaraj Deep, is considered the crown jewel of the Andaman Islands. A dream destination among all travellers, this island is a paradise for all adventure seekers and nature lovers. So, head out to your dream destination for your next vacation and get ready to dive into everything Havelock Island has to offer.

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Radhanagar Beach 

Radhanagar Beach is one of the best tourist places on Havelock Island. It was bestowed with the Title “Asia’s Best Beach” in 2004 by Time magazine, for its pristine white sand and clear turquoise water. Rejuvenate yourself with a refreshing swim or a long stroll along the coastline. There are several shacks and upscale hotels along the beach that will take care of your hunger pangs with ease. 

walking by the beach of Swaraj Dweep Island
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Elephant Beach 

Hop onto a pre-booked boat or ferry and head to Elephant Beach for some coral reef viewing. The name might mislead you into believing that there are elephants on this beach, but they do not roam about here anymore. It is believed that elephants could be viewed roaming this beach once upon a time and there was also an elephant camp set up here. Today, however, the beach is dotted with coconut trees and covered in white sand. Elephant Beach is popular among travellers for its water activities. This is the best place to go snorkelling and exploring the rich marine life of the Andaman Islands.

Kalapathar Beach 

Are you looking for a relatively secluded beach? Then Kalapathar Beach is the best choice for you. The name of this beach comes from the black rocks dotting this beach. The rocks are a result of volcanic activities that provide a striking backdrop for the turquoise water of the ocean. Kalapathar Beach tops the list of Havelock Island tourist places when you are looking forward to some serenity. Sunrise at Kalapathar Beach is a breathtaking spectacle, with the sky transforming into vibrant hues of pink, orange, and gold, reflecting on the tranquil Andaman Sea. The serene atmosphere, complemented by the contrast of black rocks and the sounds of nature, offers a profoundly peaceful and captivating experience.

Sunrise at Kalapathar Beach
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Vijaynagar Beach 

Explore the untouched beauty of Vijaynagar Beach, also known as Beach number 5. The calm and shallow waters of the beach make this spot ideal for families and children who prefer a gentle dip in the ocean. With fewer crowds and a scenic backdrop, this is the best place to unwind on Havelock Island.

If you are looking for a place to stay during your visit to Andaman, Barefoot at Havelock is the best resort to stay in during your trip to Havelock Island. The villas and cottages are all spacious and luxurious and provide modern amenities to ensure a comfortable stay. The resort also has on-site restaurants that offer a mouth-watering range of dishes ranging from local cuisine to international hits. Barefoot at Havelock is the best resort to stay in during your trip to Havelock Island.